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Available Freight

With economic conditions being where they are, empty miles are a killer. First and foremost we are a trucking company. We understand that low-paying freight should be left at the dock. We also understand that your time is valuable. We have dealt with "the big boys" and we don't play their games. No one should be paying .50/mile plus fuel, no matter where the freight comes from. We don't low-ball our customers just to get their freight, which in-turn only penalizes the entire industry.

If you are tired of the games those "big boys" are playing with you, see what we can offer. They prey on owner-operators' desperation to "keep moving" which drives freight prices down. Do those brokers understand what it costs to run a truck? Do they care? We are just like you.

Our focus is on loads to and/or from the Midwest. Our goal is to match the right freight with the right carrier. We want to get you to where you need to be for your next load. We also let Dispatchers do what they do best, dispatch THEIR drivers. They know their drivers' hours and capabilities. We provide loads to carriers we can trust and we don't need to call you every 5 minutes to check-in to see how the driver is doing, that is not our job.

Join our team of quality carriers and see how freight brokerage should be.

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